With a range of yoga styles and a full programme of classes all taught in our dedicated studio space, 
it’s the perfect way to boost your fitness, flexibility and wellbeing. 

Ashtanga Yoga 

Ashtanga is taught in a warm room. It's dynamic, flowing yet soothing practice will improve your flexibility and strength and leave you feeling refreshed, energised and ready to start the day! Working with the breath allows us to move in and out of the postures carefully, assists us when we hold the poses and keeps our attention focused completely in the present moment. 

Vinyasa Yoga 

Vinyasa is taught in a warm room. It's a flowing, dynamic yoga practice that cultivates presence by connecting movement with breath. Classes feature several elements of traditional Ashtanga yoga including sun salutations, standing poses, preparation for arm balancing poses, dynamic stretching, and pranayama (breath work).  

Kundalini Yoga 

Kundalini Yoga brings health, wellness, and joy. Kundalini is considered to be the mother of all yogas. It is a comprehensive practice that includes pranayama (breathwork), asana (posture), kriya (a series of exercises), mantra, and meditation. It is an effective tool in alleviating depression, addiction recovery. Kundalini supports all aspects and stages of life. 

Healing Power of Gong 

The sound of the gong reaches the body on a cellular level, encouraging integrated healing of body, mind, and spirit, and the more gong sessions a student attends, the better the results. (There is one caveat when it comes to the gong: Once you enter the gong’s healing sound orbit, you may never want to leave!) 

Rocket Yoga 

For those yet to join the downward dog movement, you might have found your route in. Essentially, Rocket is a mash-up, taking poses from traditional Ashtanga yoga but breaking them down into moves that are more accessible to beginners. Flowing movements burn calories and raise the metabolism; held poses build strength and flexibility, so you get leaner and fitter fast. 

Warm Yin Yoga 

A deep, slow class, based entirely on the floor. With an ambient heat. it can help you acclimatise to future hot classes. This is yoga physio, you will get flexible in slow holds, stronger in stationary core activators, passively and actively open tight areas with the help of props. You will go from active poses to gradually getting wound down, de-stressed and softened. We end with a meditation. Retreat inward to relax and restore. 
Everyone is welcome at Shadwell Studio and we run 6-week beginner yoga courses that are perfect for complete novices. 
You dont have to be naturally bendy or flexible to do yoga - anybody can do it. 
We’ll provide you with friendly advice before or after class to help you build the solid foundations required to get the most out of your yoga practice. 
We are a friendly, non-clique studio but once the class has begun we are silent in our flow. We should only hear breathing unless the teacher engages with us... 
It’s best to wear comfortable workout, fitness or yoga clothes – something that stretches with your body without restricting your movement. 
You will get hot so prepare to sweat during yoga classes, which is why we recommend choosing fitness and yoga clothing.  
You won’t need any special shoes or socks – bare feet provide the best grip for many of the exercises. 
You will also need a yoga mat and a towel. If you don’t have one, you can rent or buy a high quality yoga mat from the studio. 
Yoga has been practiced in some form for more that 5,000 years, and provides a huge number of benefits. 
Improves your flexibility 
Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown 
Maintains and develops bone health 
Builds muscle strength 
Drains your lymphs and boosts your immunity 
Perfects your posture 
Protects your spine 
Increases your blood flow 
Helps take care of your mental Health 
For further information about yoga from Shadwell Studio or any of our classes,  
call 0113 2653773, email, or visit the studio in person.