CHARLOTTE PLOWRIGHT  Fierce Grace, Hot Yoga 

POLLY STANDEVEN Dynamic Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga  

Charlotte is the new owner of Shadwell Studio and is delighted to welcome you to this gorgeous boutique space.  
Charlotte first fell in love with yoga in 2012 and after many years as a yogi student she completed her 200-hour training in London. As a professional dancer Charlotte has always been interested in health, fitness, well-being and nutrition. She brings to you a hot yoga practice in the style of Fierce Grace and aims to inspire and encourage, whilst allowing you the chance to reflect and bring balance into your lives. 
Polly came into yoga 13 years ago to support endurance training for rock climbing and mountaineering. A daily Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga practice has provided me with a deep self awareness and conditioning. I did my first yoga training in Ashtanga Vinyasa in the Austrian alps with yoga alliance and I am currently doing a second part kundalini yoga teacher training here in Yorkshire. Polly studies movement, anatomy and neuroscience as a hobby and finds new, cool stuff to share in her teachings every day. "I teach yoga from the heart; I want to give back to my students what yoga and it's great teachers have given to me". 

STEPH FLINT Pilates & Barre 

AMANDA WINBURN Gentle Hatha & Yin Yoga  

Steph joins us all the way from Sydney, Australia. Teaching at one of Australia’s most renowned fitness Pilates studios in Bondi, Steph has brought with her the knowledge and experience in helping clients gain toned, fit and healthy beach ready body’s.  
With a background studying nutrition, she has a passion for health and fitness and loves seeing clients flourish through healthy eating and exercise. She is sweet natured but tough and will help you achieve your goals. 
Amanda has taken inspiration from all her teachers worldwide through the many disciplines she has studied. Culminating into a deep and personal understanding of the beautiful practise of yoga. Amanda deepened her study of this practise in Rishikesh India and remains a student of the Vedic knowledge in order to evolve her own spiritual practise. Amanda’s mantra Patience, Devotion, Faith. Yoga should be joyful, compassionate always teaching from the heart. Teaching Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Yin & Restorative. Enjoying being a part of the growth and development of each of her pupils from a place of love and acceptance, focussing on breath and alignment allowing her students through careful guidance to tap into what lies beyond the physical and dance with spirit. See you on the mat. 

ROSIE TOBIN Vinyasa Flow  

JACK HARNBY Ashtanga Style Yoga  

Details coming soon.  
Jack has been a personal trainer for over ten years and has met amazing people whilst travelling around the world. When he discovered yoga he immediately fell in love with the movement patterns which has taken his teaching and his practice to another level. Jack is looking forward to sharing his yoga experience with you and help you develop as a yogi. 

Heather Spencer  Barre & Ballet  

Details coming soon.  


A friendly, light-hearted yoga teacher with more than a decade of teaching experience, Sarah teaches a range of classes and workshops. She began practicing yoga in 2000, and is now a Level 2 certified yoga teacher, certified by REPS and registered with Yoga Alliance UK. Sarah is currently in the process of applying for her Senior status. Sarah keeps her classes fresh by regularly attending workshops across the UK. 

JENNY CROSTON Gentle Hatha Yoga  

Details coming soon.  

PAM VARGAS  Go with the flow Yoga  

Details coming soon.  

CHRIS THOMPSON Restoritive Pilates 

I started coaching kids and teaching fitness classes at the age of 16 and thoroughly enjoyed helping people towards their goals. I competed as a professional athlete and now I wish to help others who struggle with their confidence and fitness levels. Chris specialises in Boxing, Pilates, Exercise for over 50's, Golf specific Training, Weight Loss, Training for Health and is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 


I am a fully qualified Pilates, Yoga and Meditation teacher, and I have been running my own classes in and around Leeds for approximately 8 years and absolutely love what I do. Being a single mum of 2 kids I completely understand the stresses that everyday life can bring, and this is why I like to bring an element of relaxation and mindfulness into all my classes. A true believer in keeping a balance of healthy body and mind. 
My Pilates classes are challenging, but calming and mindful at the same time, a perfect balance. If you’re up for getting your sweat on, I like to incorporate an element of cardio into each session, so that you feel like you've had a good workout, the moves will spike your heart rate to improve heart health, boost endurance and leave you smiling. Then I finish the session with a lovely, short, guided relaxation to help relax the body and quiet the chatter in the mind. 

NASTASHA SMITH  Pilates & Barre  

Details coming soon.  


Details coming soon. 
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