So there is still a chill in the air but we know Spring is just a hop, skip and a jump around the corner. 
Brrrr. Say hello to these frosty February mornings! 
Firstly, for those of you that I haven't had the pleasure to meet yet, my name is Charlotte. I have recently taken over the studio and I am so excited to be a part of your Yoga journey. 
What are the different styles of yoga at Shadwell Studio 
For thousands of years, the science of Kundalini was kept hidden, passed on in secret from master to a chosen disciple who was considered worthy. Kundalini was veiled in secrecy until one morning when a holy Sikh rebel named Yogi Bhajan wrapped a white turban around his head and took a one-way flight from Punjab, India to Toronto, Canada in 1968. 
Hot Yoga Classes: Frequently Asked Questions 
Grab yourself a free class at Shadwell Studio!
New Year. New Feels. New Breathe. New Chances. Same Dreams. Fresh Starts. I dare you to believe in yourself. You deserve all things Magic. 
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