New Year. New Feels. New Breathe. New Chances. Same Dreams. Fresh Starts. I dare you to believe in yourself. You deserve all things Magic. 
We've spent a year being a work in progress after opening in November 2016. Its been an eventful year with ups & downs however we feel as a team we are in the right place. We decided we didn't want to be rebels anymore, we wanted to be something simpler, kinder & friendlier so we've renamed ourselves Shadwell Studio - we are what we are, a studio in Shadwell who wants to bring together exciting and new things for our members & community. We will focus on our speciality of Hot Yoga. We will ensure there is always a Hot Yoga class in the Morning & Evening Monday - Friday and Saturday & Sunday mornings for our Hot Boys & Girls. We will compliment this with a smattering of Pilates & Barre classes and our core toning Ashtanga Yoga. We have introduced Restorative Yoga for our injured, older or gentler members who'd like to give yoga a try. We are also running beginners courses & beginners lessons in yoga. We will be exploring meditation, mindfulness and hopefully planning our first retreat. We'd like to thankyou for your continued support and look forward to 2018 with the kindest blessings & infinite peace- Everyone at Shadwell Studio 
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