A boutique experience 
Our space offers a comfortable, relaxing and nurturing environment. We have a variety of classes to suit all ability and experience levels. 

EVERYBODY WELCOME  Shadwell Studio does things differently Hot Yoga, Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Meditation, Mindfulness, Gong Baths, all practiced with an open mind. Our highly qualified and experienced trainers are kind, friendly, compassionate and really know their stuff - makes the difference we think!   A boutique experience, our studio has very small class sizes - just how it’s meant to be, this helps us look out for you - in a non judgemental way! Practising with good form and in a way that will prevent you from becoming injured so you get the best out of your session.   We constantly search & explore for new things, new lessons to be taught, teachers & concepts, so even if you're advanced in your practice you'll find something useful at Shadwell Studio. We believe that people come first with business second and our fantastic teachers, teach with no ego. Be brave beginners - we have courses and classes to suit you plus our teachers can adjust any class for a newbie. 

We’re open 7 days a week, offering workshops, courses and scheduled classes, but we also offer more than that, a community, a creative hub, a lifestyle resource, a place with a shoulder to lean on... to chill or share ideas. 

REOPENING OF SHADWEL STUDIO ON MONDAY 17TH MAY  Welcome back to Shadwell Studio...  Following the recent Government announcement, we are excited to be able to reopen our doors on Monday 17th May.  It's been a challenging time for everyone and your continued support and patience as we transition again into another new normal is greatly appreciated.  Our priority is to make sure that you feel safe coming back to Shadwell Studio and we have been doing all that we can to ensure that happens.   For everyone’s health and safety, please help us follow government guidance by:  Staying away from the studio if you don’t feel well or you’ve been asked, or are required, to quarantine for any reason Bookings in advance only. No drop-ins. Booking made online at www.shadwellstudio.co.uk or by downloading Glofox, search for Shadwell Studio.  Arrive 5 - 10 minutes before the class begins, to allow a smooth check in process. On arrival, for social distancing reasons, you might be asked to queue outside. Please wear a mask on entry to the building and keep it on in the communal areas - these can be taken off once you are in the studio on your mat.  Please use the hand sanitiser when you enter the studio and your temperature will be checked. Bring as little as possible with you, and where possible arrive ready to practice, to help lessen the use of the facilities. In the studio, please place your mat on the marked area to ensure social distancing. Bring your own mat to the studio. Mats are not available to hire at this time - please bring your own.  Where possible, please bring your own props - if using a studio block these must be cleaned afterwards.  In Yin on Thursday evenings, blosters might be used, please bring a towel/cloth to cover them while in use.  During class there will be no hands on adjustments Spray and disposible cloths are available for touch points and for the cleaning of your own mats. After class, please leave promptly afterwards to allow for cleaning of the studio and equipment.   What measures have we put in place?  Social distancing measures  Hand sanitiser Temperature checks We have installed a brand new ventilation system to ensure a continuous supply of fresh air into the space. We will also be utilising Air Purifiers We have reduced the capacity to ensure there is 100 sq ft per person within the space. A maximum of 7 people will be able to participate in classes at a time. Regular cleaning of the studio and touch points Contactless payments only, booking online and in advance. 30 minutes between classes to allow time for cleaning and ventilation. Where possible, back to back teaching to reduce the turnover of instructors in the space - this also gives more of you the chance to participate in classes with your regular teachers.   What does the schedule look like?  The timetable will be available to view 2 weeks in advance and you'll be able to book 8 days before your chosen session. We will begin with 3-5 classes a day Mon - Fri. 2 Classes on a Saturday and currently no in studio classes on a Sunday. This is a temporary measure and we aim to be back operating 7 days a week later in the year. At the moment there are no specific Hot Classes, however these will be introduce again very soon. Please note, the schedule may change at short notice due to low attendance - please download the GLOFOX APP for updates.   Class Sizes Class sizes will be limited for the time being, this will bring peace of mind and space between mats. This will be under review regularly to ensure we are operating safely and in compliance with any regulations. Class sizes will be increased over time as per government guidance and we'll always consider safety and comfort as a key factor. Many of you might be concerned about being able to get a space in the studio due to the reduced capacity. This will be monitored continuously and we will add in additional classes where possible. All Class Pass Credits will be extended to expire on the 31st December 2020.  Glofox Please keep an eye on the GLOFOX APP, this is the quickest way to stay up to date with the schedule. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version and have your notifications turned on for the app so that you receive updates and can be informed of any changes when moving from the waiting list to attending a session. If you cannot attend a session please cancel 2 HOURS in advance!!  Contact  If your questions haven't been answered above please get in touch by emailing info@shadwellstudio.co.uk  We are here to support you and ensure you can return to a practise you love to feel strong both mentally and physically as we enter this next phase of 2021. 

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