Beginners Yoga Course   Welcome to Shadwell Studio and our NEW 6-week Beginners Course.  Join Charlotte, the director of Shadwell Studio as she guides you through the fundamentals of a Yoga practise with focus on key postures, the importance of alignment, meditation techniques and some Yoga Philosophy too.  The course is perfect for those who are new to Yoga and would like some more guidance and you will complete the course feeling confident and able to join in with our 'all level' classes.   Restorative Healing Workshop   A calming holistic practice to aid a busy life.  Restorative Yoga offers students much needed time for space, relaxation & deep rest we are living too much in the Sympathetic Nervous System which means we’re constantly in flight or fight mode. In this restful practice one is welcomed to melt into carefully crafted sequences of restorative yoga poses supported by props and blankets. Postures are held for extended periods of time to allow the body to fully let go and discover a deep peaceful release.   Sonic Soundbath Journey  A beautiful dip into sonic sound frequencies to take back a little time from the thinking and processing of it all to just be in that moment, still, not doing for a little while. Be guided through a beautiful meditation using breathwork to settle into the space of the moment then allow the drum, crystalline singing bowls and Koshi chimes to clear, heal, and settle your busy body and mind into theta.  Release, let go, sink deeper, fill up.    

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